Quick veggie taco

It's everyone's favourite quick meal, this one. In our family at least. Super easy and fast to prepare and a tasty way to pack up on some really good protein (beans), healthy fats (avocado) and vitamin C (red peppers, lime, coriander). I love the ...

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Egg and dairy free mayonnaise

This is a really useful basic sauce which can be flavoured in endless ways to fit all types of food. The lecithin in the soy makes it beautifully creamy. You need to get the instructions right though, as it only thickens if you add the olive oil ...

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Matcha porridge with cinnamon and pomegranate

Matcha, for those of you who don't know, is the Japanese green tea which supposedly comes with super powers that exceeded the ones of other green teas. It is said to energise but calm, to increase memory and concentration and to detoxify. It is ...

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Kidney bean and tofu burger

You do not have to give up on amazing burgers just because you decide to eat vegan. Not at all. This one will satisfy even the most picky meat eater on the hunt for his burger fix.   Print Ingredients 2 tbsp. olive oil 1 red onion, ...

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Pumpkin cinnamon ginger cookies

Pumpkin pie meets Ginger bread cookies. How seasonal!   Pumpkin cinnamon ginger cookies   Print Ingredients ¾ cup chopped pumpkin (any kind), peel included ½ cup coconut oil ½ cup honey 2 thumb-size pieces of ...

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Vegan Christmas – planning the food

In two weeks today it is Christmas eve, and in most places where it will be celebrated food is likely to play a very central role. I my native Sweden, the tradition around what to eat is extremely strong and almost all people indulge in exactly the ...

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