Chickpeas, almonds, cranberries and thyme

Today's lunch had to be quick, as we are busy packing up for a week's holiday in the sun (I plan to come back with lots of Middle Eastern food inspiration). I used only leftovers from Christmas, which was boiled chickpeas, almonds and cranberries. I ...

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Aubergine slices with tahini cumin sauce

Wednesday night, I was treated by my friend Rebecca to an absolutely gorgeous vegetarian home cooked dinner. No doubt inspiring, and today I tried to replicate her roasted aubergine slices. I believe I managed to create something which was almost as ...

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Raw detox salad

Raw Detox Salad

Oh my, is there a lot of eating going on in December.... Christmas parties and Christmas planning and sweet treats and gluwhein. Enough was enough yesterday so I made my 'raw detox salad' for lunch. Nutrient packed and light and very tasty. 5.0 ...

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Rosemary roasted carrots with creamy herb sauce

It's the simple things in life... I found some gorgeous carrots of various colours today at the organic market where I almost always do my food shopping (Elisabethmarkt for those of you who might live in Munich - I highly recommend it!). I roasted ...

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Pomelo salad with roasted coconut

This is a vegan alternative to the pomelo salads you will find in Vietnamese restaurants which almost always contain fish sauce. I prefer this kind, especially as I also add roasted shredded coconut which compliments the other ingredients really ...

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What’s good for you is good for our planet

Well, this article pretty much sums it up: What’s good for you is good for our planet. What’s personally sustainable is globally sustainable. The article is in a nutshell what the plant-based movement is all about, from Time Magazine last week: - ...

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