Lime, avocado and coconut ice cream cheese cake 

This is dense and rich and absolutely delicious. The lime, nuts and avocado blend so well with the sweetness of the agave, the dates and the coconut. Top it off with fresh strawberries - real food love and a perfect dessert, afternoon treat or even ...

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Cinnamon porridge with chia, flax and pomegranate

Today's breakfast for two. Porridge with loads of healthy seeds, pomegranate and cinnamon for flavour. I also added a little honey, but that's of course optional. Fantastic start to the day. Cinnamon porridge with chia, flax and pomegranate   ...

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Quinoa and mixed seed crackers

These crackers are so versatile, it is great to alway have a stack of them at home. Thin, crunchy and a little salty.   Mixed seed crackers   Print Ingredients Approximately 25 crackers ½ cup uncooked quinoa ½ cup ...

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Vegan quote: Albert Einstein

One of history's most famous vegetarians is Albert Einstein. Reports say he was only a strict vegan for parts of his life, but that he always was a firm supporter of the lifestyle and its benefits for the world.     ...

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Berries with vanilla cashew cream

The simplest of healthy desserts. No sweetener added, just the dates. Serve with your favourite berries, frozen, defrosted or fresh. 4.5 from 2 reviews Berries with vanilla cashew cream   Print Ingredients 2 cups soaked cashew ...

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Crunchy chickpeas (with green salad, if you like)

I am addicted to this perfect, crunchy snack. Better than crisps, better than popcorn (almost). Can be eaten on its own, or as the perfect addition to any salad to add a little crunchy texture. I had them last night with a movie and a glass of wine, ...

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Goji mango chia pudding

This is my son's favourite snack, and I'm very happy about it since is packed with antioxidants, healthy fats and fibre. It can be breakfast, snack or a healthier dessert. Gojji berries, the key ingredient here, is by many called a super food and ...

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My ultimate green juice

Drinking this green juice in the morning helps me have a better day; feeling happier, healthier, more focussed and energetic. It is actually true - juicing is not just 'another trend'. I feel a big difference when I skip it (which I sometimes do on ...

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