The ultimate (kids friendly) smoothie

My son is at the age when he will drink anything as long as he gets to cling glasses and say cheers. So timing is perfect to load his growing little body with nutrients by making a smoothie (not that he wouldn't have drunk it otherwise, as it tastes ...

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Coconut brownie bites

My daughter had a friend over yesterday and they wanted to bake, so we decided to go for a Swedish classic - chokladbollar (no excellent english translation for it...), albeit in a updated version. These ones are much more nutritious and (I think) ...

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Vegan quote: Sir Paul McCartney

Ex-Beatle Sir Paul McCartney is a a long-term vegan and animal rights activist. He is also the founder of the UK initiative 'MeatFree Monday', working to convince more people to consider a vegetarian lifestyle, starting with at least one day per ...

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