The myth of high protein diets

Recommended reading: The Myth of High-Protein Diets

This New York Times opinion piece from earlier this week is a great overview of some of the most compelling health reasons for going plant-based. It is a very worthwhile read about what science says about the link between food and disease. Dean ...

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Plant-based news round-up

Vegetarian related stories make headline news every week. No wonder, considering the potential power held within the plant based movement: a significantly healthier, more sustainable and compassionate world. Isn't that something!  Every other week or ...

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My most delicious (and super simple) Dal

This is one of my all time favourites. Fragrant, gorgeous colour, not too heavy (unlike some Dals) and a little crisp with the fresh coriander and tomatoes. And so simple to prepare. I just throw all ingredients into a pot in one go and bring it to ...

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This week in the (plant-based) news

Meat eating and its effects on our health, the environment and the animal welfare is a hot topic. More and more people become aware of the negative side effects and more and more people in the western world claim to be vegans or vegetarians. A ...

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Nutritious chili salad

When you read a lot about food like I do, especially about how it is linked to health, you quickly learn that most vegetables should be eaten raw for maximum nutrition. But there are exceptions. Like tomatoes, for examples, where one key nutrient is ...

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