Raw chocolate covered strawberries

A little bit of vegan romance. So simple, so delicious. These strawberries might not look exactly as picture perfect as those you make with chocolate from the store, but they are healthier and, I think, even better tasting. You can adjust the ...

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Turmeric plum porridge

A number of scientific studies lately have shown that the spice turmeric very likely comes with some incredibly strong health benefits, including lowering inflammation in the body and preventing cancer and Alzheimer's. So it is definitely a very good ...

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Saffron risotto with roasted vegetables

I love this vegan take on risotto. It is creamier than any other risotto I've had, thanks to the addition of cashew cream and nutritional yeast. It can go with any roasted vegetables, just use what is in season.  The combination in this recipe of ...

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