Chili with beans, peas and peppers

One of my favourite things to cook, and eat, is chili. Served with the right condiments, it is difficult to find anything else that is more comforting on a cold autumn day.  This one is a favourite in my family, and we eat it with guacamole (an ...

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Vegan creme fraiche

This is the best vegan creme fraiche alternative I've managed to come up with. It is a little cheesy, a little sour and very fluffy and works so well as a topping for a number of stews or soups. And even if I do love a cashew nut based cream, this ...

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Hazelnut chocolate mousse with warm raspberries

Chocolate mousse, who doesn't love it? This vegan version is aiming to be a little healthier than the traditional ones which normally contains both cream, eggs and refined sugar. The silken tofu is a superb replacement for whipped cream thanks to its ...

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