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Kidney bean and tofu burger

You do not have to give up on amazing burgers just because you decide to eat vegan. Not at all. This one will satisfy even the most picky meat eater on the hunt for his burger fix.   Print Ingredients 2 tbsp. olive oil 1 red onion, ...

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Chunky carrot and coriander soup

I felt a bit under the weather yesterday, and there is nothing better then than to make hot soup with spices to help kill any bugs and clear the sinuses. So I used lots of inflammation fighting garlic, ginger and chili together with normal white ...

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Most people have close relations to dogs, horses and other domestic animals. But what about the animals we eat? We tend to forget that pigs and cows also have personalities and are capable of experiencing pleasure, fear and pain. Did you know ...

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Guacamole is an incredibly versatile side dish, at least when it comes to my style of cooking. It improves almost any meal and a far as I am concerned it can also be eaten on its own. Below is a killer recipe, if I may say so.... Add more lime, ...

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Nothing better than nougat (Viennese style)

Viennese nougat. There is simply nothing better if you ask me. And I am incredibly pleased with this version. Organic hazelnut cream (make sure you use the kind with 100% hazelnut only - you don't want anything strange added unnecessarily) is the key ...

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Healthy berry ice cream

It's nothing I'm happy or proud about, but I am well known to have a pretty terrible sweet tooth. And this, eh, condition, in combination with a genuine interest for healthy and vegan living, defaults to a frequent (constant) search for healthy and ...

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