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Meat consumption and water scarcity

Did you know it takes 5000 litres of water to produce a normal sized steak? Did you know that water scarcity is recognised as one of the world's most serious humanitarian threats? Leaving meat off the menu is, as it turns out, by far one of the most ...

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Plant-based news round-up

Vegetarian related stories make headline news every week. No wonder, considering the potential power held within the plant based movement: a significantly healthier, more sustainable and compassionate world. Isn't that something!  Every other week or ...

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What’s good for you is good for our planet

Well, this article pretty much sums it up: What’s good for you is good for our planet. What’s personally sustainable is globally sustainable. The article is in a nutshell what the plant-based movement is all about, from Time Magazine last week: - ...

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