Hazelnut chocolate mousse with warm raspberries

Chocolate mousse, who doesn't love it? This vegan version is aiming to be a little healthier than the traditional ones which normally contains both cream, eggs and refined sugar. The silken tofu is a superb replacement for whipped cream thanks to its ...

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Blueberry ice cream (with tofu and cashews)

The sun came out for a minute the other day - and God knows there's not been many of those warm moment this summer in Sweden. So of course we made ice cream. Really delicious blueberry ice cream, with antioxidants and vitamins and healthy fats and ...

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Rhubarb Cinnamon Crumble

This is a real summer treat, that I make over and over again for dessert this time of the year. I find it to be the greatest feeling, to cook with vegetables and fruit from the garden. Rhubarb Cinnamon Crumble   Print Prep time 5 mins ...

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Coconut brownie bites

My daughter had a friend over yesterday and they wanted to bake, so we decided to go for a Swedish classic - chokladbollar (no excellent english translation for it...), albeit in a updated version. These ones are much more nutritious and (I think) ...

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Berries with vanilla cashew cream

The simplest of healthy desserts. No sweetener added, just the dates. Serve with your favourite berries, frozen, defrosted or fresh. 4.5 from 2 reviews Berries with vanilla cashew cream   Print Ingredients 2 cups soaked cashew ...

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Goji mango chia pudding

This is my son's favourite snack, and I'm very happy about it since is packed with antioxidants, healthy fats and fibre. It can be breakfast, snack or a healthier dessert. Gojji berries, the key ingredient here, is by many called a super food and ...

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Pumpkin cinnamon ginger cookies

Pumpkin pie meets Ginger bread cookies. How seasonal!   Pumpkin cinnamon ginger cookies   Print Ingredients ¾ cup chopped pumpkin (any kind), peel included ½ cup coconut oil ½ cup honey 2 thumb-size pieces of ...

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Nothing better than nougat (Viennese style)

Viennese nougat. There is simply nothing better if you ask me. And I am incredibly pleased with this version. Organic hazelnut cream (make sure you use the kind with 100% hazelnut only - you don't want anything strange added unnecessarily) is the key ...

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Healthy berry ice cream

It's nothing I'm happy or proud about, but I am well known to have a pretty terrible sweet tooth. And this, eh, condition, in combination with a genuine interest for healthy and vegan living, defaults to a frequent (constant) search for healthy and ...

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