Nothing better than nougat (Viennese style)

Viennese nougat. There is simply nothing better if you ask me. And I am incredibly pleased with this version. Organic hazelnut cream (make sure you use the kind with 100% hazelnut only - you don't want anything strange added unnecessarily) is the key ...

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Healthy berry ice cream

It's nothing I'm happy or proud about, but I am well known to have a pretty terrible sweet tooth. And this, eh, condition, in combination with a genuine interest for healthy and vegan living, defaults to a frequent (constant) search for healthy and ...

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Is eating animal protein as dangerous as smoking?

A large study published in the peer-reviewed medical journal ‘Cell Metabolism’ earlier this year made headlines throughout the world with this claim. It shows that a high protein intake – unless the protein comes from plants – is associated with a ...

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Dip alternatives – beetroot and carrot

I love hummus and eat a lot of it. But yesterday I was just about to make another batch when I stopped myself and decided to instead try something new. So I simply replaced the chickpeas with 1. carrots and 2. red beets/beetroot, and voila - two new ...

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Macha latte

Macha, for those of you who don’t know, is the Japanese green tea which supposedly comes with super powers that exceeded the ones of other green teas. It is said to energise but calm, to increase memory and concentration and to detoxify. It is ...

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A very warm welcome to Planet Plant-Based, my new blog about plant-based eating. If not me, who? If not now, when? In all its simplicity, this really stroke a cord with me when I heard it last month in that already famous UN speech by Emma Watson ...

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