Root fries with cheesy dip

I'm into my comfort food at the moment (Where is spring! Why is it snowing outside?), and this is an absolute favourite. My kids love them too, so a decent way of getting healthy vegetables into them. If you want a lighter version - replace the ...

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Cauliflower bean burger with horseradish slaw

There is nothing more comforting than a really juicy veggie burger on a fresh (gluten-free) bun with all the other right condiments added. This version is made with cauliflower and mixed beans and is so yummy. The horseradish slaw that goes with it ...

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Pickled onion

These pickled onions are a great addition to any vegetable burgers, meatballs or roasted vegetables with dips, by adding just that perfect amount of a little sweet and a little sour. Pickled onion   Print Ingredients 1 medium sized ...

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Chia, strawberry and fig jam

Chia is such a great little seed - packed with nutrients, plus has this way to gelify which is very useful sometimes. Like here in this jam. Mornings are better now since I started making this - healthier and so delicious. It tastes better than ...

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Filling and nutrient dense raw cauliflower salad

The key to really increasing your greens - I mean eating loads and loads of them in one go, not just drinking them in juices or smoothies (which is not bad either) - is to very finely chop them. Even better is often to briefly run them in a food ...

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Cumin, nuts and seeds salad topping

This salad topping is great to have at your finger tips when creating a quick main or side salad - it never fails to make something delicious out of the most simplest of greens. Making a batch of this topping helps me stick to healthier food, as it ...

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