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For more frequent Planet Plant Based updates, follow me on instagram: planetplantbased. This is where you'll see anything food related before it hits this blog as a more finished recipe. I also often share articles and recipes on twitter: ...

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Side dish: roasted potatoes with thyme

Potatoes roasted to perfection - perhaps the king amongst side dishes?  So delicious I'd eat it as a main any day of the week. Side dish: roasted potatoes with thyme   Print Ingredients Potatoes, un-peeled, any kind, chopped into ...

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Black bean pasta with edamame, garlic and sea salt

I have this new obsession with black bean pasta. Such a great invention. Today I served it with a simple stir fry of garlic, edamame beans, olive oil, sea salt and freshly cracked black pepper. It doesn't get much easier yet it tastes amazing. You ...

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My top three energy boosting juice recipes

I've said it before and I'll say it again - juicing (vegetables) isn't just 'another trend', but a really efficient way of drastically upping your intake of very healthy stuff. Many times over have I been convinced of its power. Last month, I very ...

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Peanut butter veggie stir-fry with coconut rice

This is a simple way of making something really tasty out of vegetables past their best. I used asparagus, carrots and red onion for the photo below, but this dressing is great for just about any vegetable stir-fry. The roasted coconut gives this ...

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Raw chocolate covered strawberries

A little bit of vegan romance. So simple, so delicious. These strawberries might not look exactly as picture perfect as those you make with chocolate from the store, but they are healthier and, I think, even better tasting. You can adjust the ...

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Turmeric plum porridge

A number of scientific studies lately have shown that the spice turmeric very likely comes with some incredibly strong health benefits, including lowering inflammation in the body and preventing cancer and Alzheimer's. So it is definitely a very good ...

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Saffron risotto with roasted vegetables

I love this vegan take on risotto. It is creamier than any other risotto I've had, thanks to the addition of cashew cream and nutritional yeast. It can go with any roasted vegetables, just use what is in season.  The combination in this recipe of ...

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