Root fries with cheesy dip

I'm into my comfort food at the moment (Where is spring! Why is it snowing outside?), and this is an absolute favourite. My kids love them too, so a decent way of getting healthy vegetables into them. If you want a lighter version - replace the ...

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Pickled onion

These pickled onions are a great addition to any vegetable burgers, meatballs or roasted vegetables with dips, by adding just that perfect amount of a little sweet and a little sour. Pickled onion   Print Ingredients 1 medium sized ...

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Vegan creme fraiche

This is the best vegan creme fraiche alternative I've managed to come up with. It is a little cheesy, a little sour and very fluffy and works so well as a topping for a number of stews or soups. And even if I do love a cashew nut based cream, this ...

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Side dish: roasted potatoes with thyme

Potatoes roasted to perfection - perhaps the king amongst side dishes?  So delicious I'd eat it as a main any day of the week. Side dish: roasted potatoes with thyme   Print Ingredients Potatoes, un-peeled, any kind, chopped into ...

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Quinoa and mixed seed crackers

These crackers are so versatile, it is great to alway have a stack of them at home. Thin, crunchy and a little salty.   Mixed seed crackers   Print Ingredients Approximately 25 crackers ½ cup uncooked quinoa ½ cup ...

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Aubergine slices with tahini cumin sauce

Wednesday night, I was treated by my friend Rebecca to an absolutely gorgeous vegetarian home cooked dinner. No doubt inspiring, and today I tried to replicate her roasted aubergine slices. I believe I managed to create something which was almost as ...

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Rosemary roasted carrots with creamy herb sauce

It's the simple things in life... I found some gorgeous carrots of various colours today at the organic market where I almost always do my food shopping (Elisabethmarkt for those of you who might live in Munich - I highly recommend it!). I roasted ...

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Egg and dairy free mayonnaise

This is a really useful basic sauce which can be flavoured in endless ways to fit all types of food. The lecithin in the soy makes it beautifully creamy. You need to get the instructions right though, as it only thickens if you add the olive oil ...

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