Our Story

Our founder, Ida Hemmingsson-Holl, has been a food lover forever and a vegetarian for over twenty years. Following a horse riding accident in 2008 that left her recovering from a broken back, she researched new ways to support and heal the body through diet. Ida certified as a plant-based chef and began blogging about the vegan recipes she was creating. The blog gained a loyal following and evolved into Planet Plant-Based when she launched her first product - bean pastas - in 2017. As a mother to two young children, Ida understands that the food choices we make are brought even more sharply into focus when feeding a growing family. Like all parents, she wants her children to lead long and healthy lives, free from disease, and in an ethical and flourishing environment. Her vision for Planet Plant-Based remains focussed firmly on developing exciting, nutrient-rich products and recipes to ensure plant-based eating never feels like a sacrifice.

Meet the team
Planet-Plant Based is run by a small team based in Munich, Germany. Every member of the team shares a passion for wholesome, healthy food that is good for us and good for the planet.
Papa Sidy Fall
Business Development

Papa Sidy joined us in 2021 to take care of our wholesale and retail customers, and he brings a wealth of great e-commerce experience. Born in Munich, he also speaks French and English, and has a particular interest in how our mental health and wellbeing can be improved with a healthy diet.

Gabrielle Roy
Business Development

Gabrielle takes care of our products on their journey from production to the shelves of your local store. She is originally from Canada and speaks French and English. Gabrielle is a foodie with a keen interest in permaculture and organic farming. She firmly believes that we are what we eat.

Elena Ng
Webshop Operations

Originally from Malaysia, Elena arrived with us in Munich via Prague, where she lived for 13 years. She now makes sure everything runs smoothly on our busy webshop. Elena has recently discovered the pleasure of a plant-based diet and is loving the benefits of this healthier way of eating.

Valérie Janssen
Sales & Communications

Valérie is a native German who is fluent in English, French and Spanish, and she has been part of the Planet Plant-Based journey from the start. She grew up in an entrepreneurial family who founded one of Bavaria’s first organic supermarkets, so she is a strong advocate for protecting nature and our environment.

Paulinn Melberg
Webshop Operations

When she’s not taking care of our daily webshop operations and looking after customers, Paulinn teaches dance in Munich. She enjoys a plant-based diet to help keep body and mind healthy, and is a huge fan of our nut butters. Paulinn hosts the best vegan brunches in town.

Lisa Fuchs
Social Media Content Creator

Lisa has been supporting us in the field of social media and content creation since June 2021. The marketing student is rarely found without a camera and loves to invent and try out new recipes. Her passion for cooking is immediately recognizable in our stories.


When it comes to sustainability, we focus our full energy where we can make the biggest positive impact on our environment: by encouraging as many people as possible to replace the meat and milk in their diet with plant-based food. The huge benefits for the planet of this way of eating are crystal clear. Like all businesses, our operations have implications for the planet, so we continuously try to find the most sustainable ways to work. Though we still use plastic for food safety reasons, we don’t mix materials so that it’s easier for customers to recycle. We support 1% For the Planet with our profits (last year we planted a few thousand trees), and best of all, we freely share all our recipes, so they can be recreated anywhere in the world with vibrant sustainable produce.

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