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Helping you reduce food waste

Reduce food waste and help protect our wonderful planet using this clever My Fridge tool. Create a recipe using whatever ingredients you have in your kitchen right now. Give it try!

Eating a plant-based diet is a great way to help save the planet, but food waste has a huge environmental impact too. If like us you hate throwing food away, our clever My Fridge tool will help you reduce waste by creating a plant-based recipe using the ingredients you have at home. In no time you’ll be eating up all the odds and ends in a satisfying meal and doing your bit to help our wonderful planet by cutting waste. Give it a go now!

It couldn’t be easier. Simply select the ingredients you have in your kitchen and type them into the search bar. Click ‘Create Recipes’ and let the super-sophisticated AI do the rest. You can browse suggestions and adapt the ingredients further before viewing the method.

We’re so excited to bring this cutting edge artificial intelligence to the food industry and use it to help reduce food waste. The tool has been trained by professional chefs and food technologists who understand what works with almost any ingredient, so it is more than just a search tool, it actually creates recipes in real time based on the ingredients you have at home.


Yes, in some, but only if it makes sense of course. Our products are created to help you cook amazing plant-based meals and can turn the humblest ingredients into something delicious at short notice, so we recommend you stay well stocked with your Planet Plant-Based favourites.

Because every recipe is created in real time, the photos are indicative and won’t always be a match for your recipe. Feel free to take a photo and share it using the hashtag #PPBMyFridge so we can see how it turned out for you!