Welcome to my plant-based world!

Vegetarianism is surrounded by so many myths: boring and tasteless food, lack of protein, lack of calcium, complicated cooking….to mention only a few. I hope the recipes below will help prove the opposite: plant-based meals can be delicious and nutrient rich and super easy and quick to prepare. Beans and nuts and vegetables of various kinds and colors will give you plenty of protein and calcium as well as loads of other important nutrients. My recipes are not only free from meat, fish, eggs and milk products, but also from gluten and white sugar.

A few tips:


My general recommendation is of course to follow the recipe, but even more important is to not be afraid to taste your way to (your definition of) perfection. Ingredients will vary in flavour depending on freshness and season (perhaps this is extra true for vegetarian cooking) so make sure to always have plenty of spoons at hand when cooking! This also makes the cooking experience more fun and creative. Preferences are personal.


All recipes serve four people unless otherwise stated. The measurements used are UK cups. For conversions click here. Again though, use your judgment. When I say a handful, the meal won’t be ruined if your hand is bigger than mine. You will not go wrong by adding a bit too much spinach, or cashew nuts, or coriander. Absolutely not.


Some ingredients might be new to you, but you should be able to find them in any supermarket, though perhaps not in your normal aisle. And if not, I encourage you to pay your local health food store a visit where for sure they will have things like nut butters, agave and macha. It is worth the effort, as your vegetarian experience will be so much more exciting for it.

I hope you will enjoy the food – below are all the recipes on this blog.